Why Expert Medical Opinion?
Why Expert Medical Opinion
When it comes to making sure that the medical treatment you get is the medical treatment you need, Expert Medical Opinion Program is your best advocate. EMO will help you find comfort and clarity whenever you need to better understand the best options for your care.
The Expert Medical Opinion Program gives you access to the world’s finest minds when determining the best course of treatment for your medical situation. Experts come from all over the globe and are chosen specifically to address your concerns.
Throughout the program you will work directly with a doctor —not a nurse—who will serve as your case manager and will guide you to the answers that you need. Whenever you’re concerned about a treatment or diagnosis, feel that you are not clear on what to do next, or wonder if you have all the information you need to be comfortable making a decision, call Advance Medical. We’re here for you—24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Our Processour_process_icon
A covered member calls through a dedicated phone line, sends an email, or registers through a portal. As soon as the benefit is confirmed the member is sent a short enrollment form that allows Advance Medical to collect medical records on the member’s behalf.
Within one business day of that form being received the member is called by an Advance Medical physician case manager (PCM). The Advance Medical PCM works with the member to understand the medical situation. The PCM will record a medical history and collect medical files to create a comprehensive case history.
A clinical committee comprising medical directors and PCMs reviews the case together and then engages the most appropriate experts. The member’s medical case is then sent to these experts.
Each expert writes a report with his or her opinion on the case’s diagnosis and treatment plan, and then answers the member’s questions. All the expert reports are then compiled to create an Expert Medical Opinion Report for the member.
The PCM works with the member and the treating physician so that they understand the report. Advance Medical is available to the member for follow-up discussion and conversation.
Patient Portal

Working with Advance Medical is as easy as a few simple clicks. An online entry point to initiate communication with Advance Medical, the patient portal is the participant’s medical home.

To get started, click on the “Get Started” button. Members provide high-level detail on their medical concern, download and complete Advance Medical Consent Form or click request to receive email with consent form to begin Expert Medical Opinion (eSignatures accepted) and create a portal login/password. On subsequent visits, the member can click on the “Log in” button and enter the new user name and password to enter the portal.

The patient portal is a useful tool to:

  • Track progress of case
  • Exchange messages with their Physician Case Manager (PCM)
  • View medical records (received from participant’s treating physicians)
  • Keep track of treating physicians and other health care providers
  • Secure an Expert Medical Opinion (second opinion) from world-leading experts, view Experts’ pictures and high-level profile information (if applicable)
  • Upload files: allows participant to upload detail to share with PCM (i.e., daily record of blood pressure readings, weekly weight loss)
  • Save completed EMO Report, view photo of PCM

    open_quote My report by the experts gives me hope again! I may be able to get my life back. And, I will seek further evaluation by another specialist; the experts encouraged this step so there is no doubt about the diagnosis.close_quote


    open_quote Our whole family agreed that the report is a detailed and extensive look by the experts. close_quote


    open_quoteI appreciated the support and advocacy of a having an actual doctor involved in this process. For me, that is invaluable.close_quote


    open_quote My husband and I were confident that they overturned EVERY STONE to treat him and can now move on instead of spinning our wheels. close_quote


    open_quoteWe feel reassured that everything possible is being done for our son. Thank you! Our family was able to keep our premature infant home and not have to travel out of country for state-of-the-art care.close_quote

When to use Advance Medical Services?
Whenever you need more information in order to feel comfortable with your care.
Who is eligible?
Health plan-eligible employees, spouses/domestic partners, and eligible dependents.
What conditions or treatments are applicable?
Any medical question on any condition or treatment is applicable.
What does it cost?
It is 100% paid for by BAE Systems. There are no additional payments or insurance needed.
Is it confidential?
Your confidentiality is assured. Advance Medical complies with all information privacy standards including HIPAA.
How does it work with my doctor?
Your doctor is continually learning about the latest advances in medicine. They are happy to have information that can help their patients. However, it’s your choice to involve them in this process.
How long does it take?
Most often members receive a report in a few short weeks, however, timing will vary based on complexity of the situation and accessibility of the medical records. Members receive a call from their physician case manager every week to be updated on the progress.
Do I need to get my medical records?
Advance Medical will collect your medical records. The enrollment form gives us the permission to collect records on the member’s behalf.
Do I have to travel or go to an office to see these doctors?
All communication is done via telephone so there is no need to travel or make an appointment.
Who is Advance Medical?
BAE Systems has partnered with Advance Medical to provide an information and advocacy benefit globally. Advance Medical is an international health care services provider that helps patients with expert consultations around the world.
What makes a doctor an Expert?
Experts are recognized within the medical community as thought-leaders in specific diseases or medical conditions. They hold significant positions at academic institutions, major medical centers, societies and journals. However, they are ultimately chosen for their specific knowledge and experience successfully treating patients.
What languages does Advance Medical support for non-English speakers?
Advance Medical can work with you in a language that is comfortable for you.
How do I get started?
You can register online by clicking the Get Started button at the top of this page. This brings you to the Patient Portal.  You can call directly at 888-230-2442 to speak with a live representative.  You can send an email to baesystems@advance-medical.com to receive a live response the same day or next business day.
How do I send Advance Medical my files?
You can submit documents via secure email, by fax to 1-617-987-0633, online via Your Secure Upload or the Patient Portal after you log in at the top of this page.

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Advance Medical is a no-cost, 100% confidential benefit offered by BAE Systems.  If you or a family member have questions regarding a diagnosis, an upcoming surgery or treatment options for any medical condition, a Physician Case Manager will help you get the answers you need to make informed health care decisions.

To learn more about the services offered or to share your experience with Advance Medical,

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To speak directly to a program representative, call Toll free 888-230-2442 from within the US & Canada. Employees in other countries may call collect or have their call returned, as international charges may apply.

Email us at baesystems@advance-medical.com
Include your name, phone number, and best date/time to reach you.

To send us a secure email, email containing personal information, proceed to our Secure Email Portal After creating your account you can send a secured email to baesystems@advance-medical.com.

You can quickly and securely upload your medical files through our Secure File Upload Portal. We accept all formats of medical files, images and videos up to 5 GB in combined size.

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