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The best participant experience drives the best medical outcomes

Advance Medical exists to create relationships between those who need care and the doctors best suited to help them. Our priorities are making the right diagnosis, developing the right treatment plan, and identifying the best facilities for patients to receive care.

Because each situation presents its own challenges, we connect program participants to knowledgeable Physician Case Managers and leading experts from around the world who collaborate on delivering optimal medical care.

Ask a doctor anything

Think of a time when you or someone you love was sick and needed help. In a health crisis, nothing is more important than expert advice.

Every one of our cases is managed by a Physician Case Manager, rather than a nurse or non-medical professional. Our doctors have the time and freedom to help patients one-to-one, to get the best answers to the biggest questions without delay.

Studies show that up to 80% of information shared with patients is immediately forgotten. Expertise On Demand changes the way healthcare works by taking the burden off of patients and their families and offering participants unlimited access to their Physician Case Managers. No case is closed until every question has been answered.

Our Doctors

Peace of mind to make sound medical decisions

Our programs allow physicians to provide advocacy and support from diagnosis through treatment, for as many follow-ups as needed.

Comprehensive written reports and access to medical information online help each patient understand details of their case. If anything is confusing, Physician Case Managers are always available to provide clarity.

Every patient with Expertise On Demand receives a personalized plan for care. Our written reports provide a clear understanding of what’s happening, a path for the future, and direction for treating physicians to help everyone move forward with confidence.

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