Unlimited access to top doctors

Physician relationships create better outcomes

Every Advance Medical case is directly managed by a Physician Case Manager, rather than a nurse or non-medical professional. We provide VIP-level concierge care and access to our world-wide base of experts to every patient. Our goal is always to help plan participants achieve the best outcome for any given condition.

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Help with decisions

Physician relationships save time and money

Information on medical conditions, treatment plans, and navigating the healthcare system can all be confusing. Advance Medical helps provide clarity. Our Physician Case Managers serve as partners to patients in daily decision making, answering questions as they arise, and providing timely, expert guidance on diagnoses and treatments.

The power of expert connections

Physician relationships allow peace of mind

Advance Medical strengthens the bond between employees and your company. Offering people unlimited access to a top physician is a gift on many levels. By easing the burden on employees going through some of the toughest issues they ever face, you make clear that your company cares about their well-being.

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