For anyone in a medical crisis, expert attention from a doctor is the #1 priority. Our Physician Case Managers ensure your people get the care they need.

Global Access

Expert diagnoses, recommendations, and care should be available to your people no matter where they are. Our programs help organizations deliver quality healthcare to their staff around the corner or around the world. Our Physician Case Manager team speaks more 20 different languages.

Customized Health Service Solutions

Built for enterprise organizations, Advance Medical is simple to implement, can develop or customize programs to fit your care management needs, and is available to consult on policy, resources, and individual cases.

In addition to our core program, Expert Medical Opinion, we offer Expert Behavioral Care to treat mental health and behavioral issues, Global Care on Demand to serve overseas employees, Specialty Pharmacy Optimization, and Virtual Medical Home solutions for underserved populations need special attention.

Just as Expert Medical Opinion delivers individualized solutions to program participants, Advance Medical customizes services to rapidly address areas where clients have gaps in support.

Working with Advance Medical

We partner with our clients to be the ‘medical arm’ of their team. Each client has access to a Medical Director, who brings together whatever medical resources are needed to solve our clients’ problems.

Customizable Enterprise Solutions

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