For anyone in a medical crisis, what matters is time with the doctor. Our Physician Case Managers offer patients unlimited access to their doctor to understand what’s happening, how to navigate the system, and get the best answers to their biggest questions.

Expert review

Each patient has a dedicated Physician Case Manager who assembles a team of expert doctors from among the leading physicians around the world. This team collaborates to determine the correct diagnosis and the optimal plan for treatment.


Once doctor and patient agree on a plan, the Physician Case Manager helps navigate the ins and outs of the healthcare system, making care much more efficient than it would be otherwise, and easing the stress of the patient and their family.

Medical orientation

The Physician Case Manager is available on demand to help the patient and her family understand the course of treatment, what to expect, and what are the likely results.

A case is considered complete only once every question is answered to the patient’s satisfaction.

Employees feel cared for

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