A Virtual Medical Home is a relationship with a sole practitioner whose focus is understanding the entirety of a person’s wellbeing and ensuring that, over the long term, they are efficiently achieving improved health. 

Serving the underserved

Advance Medical identifies specific groups of patients in desperate need of advocacy and independent information. Our Virtual Medical Home concept pairs underserved patients with Specialist MDs who proactively assist with the management of the whole-health process.

Patients no longer need to suffer from barriers in communication, understanding, location, variations of care, limitations of local knowledge, cultural sensitivities, and indignities from well-meaning yet ignorant providers. The dedicated physicians staffing our Virtual Medical Home have the time and ability to help patients navigate the healthcare system and plan for what is to come.

A doctor, every step of the way

Each participant gets a dedicated Physician Case Manager, an expert in the area of concern.

Every question answered

Studies show that patients immediately forget 40% to 80% of medical information. Physician Case Managers offer anticipatory guidance, ensuring patients see what’s coming.

Help overcoming obstacles

On-demand access to their Physician Case Manager helps patients understand their diagnosis and treatment options and navigate barriers to recovery.

A view to better health

Physician Case Managers take time to explain the big picture and help patients make decisions based on what matters in their lives.


Advocating for families with special needs


Getting pregnant is often a challenge


Even the most routine pregnancies are challenging


We help minimize the effects of cancer

Palliative Care

Living with incurable illness

Substance Abuse

Breaking the cycle of addiction


Helping transgender patients avoid preventable disease


Caring for those who keep us safe

Employees feel cared for

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